About Falcon Enterprises Associates

A member of the United States Green Building Council, Falcon Enterprises Associates, Inc., has managed residential construction projects in Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhode Island. Founded by current President Christopher McNally, Falcon works directly with property owners as a liaison to the best architects, engineers, and builders for their projects.

Over the course of his 20-year career in the construction industry, Christopher McNally has developed a distinct technical expertise that allows him to oversee each project in its entirety. From the design phase to the move-in day, Falcon ensures that all steps meet rigorous quality standards. Additionally, Falcon Enterprises Associates has maximized client communication and prioritized each owner’s vision, which has resulted in a high rate of customer satisfaction. Falcon’s services don’t end at move-in; the company continues to help owners deal with the inevitable kinks of learning to live in a new place.

Falcon provides several construction-related services to its clients, including pre-purchase and pre-closing evaluations, concierge construction coordination, construction legal support, and project quality management. From visual inspections of windows, appliances, and finishes to in-depth structural analyses, the company’s evaluations have uncovered many construction defects, saving owners millions of dollars, unexpected delays, and heartache.

Often, out-of-town owners take advantage of concierge construction services, typically returning to a freshly remodeled condominium or pied-à-terre. The company works with top construction attorneys to draft a project’s construction contracts. Additionally, Falcon consults experts on issues of code compliance, often raising important design and execution issues. Through its project quality management, the company advocates for each owner, negotiating contracts, overseeing project details, and solving unexpected problems.

In addition to these services, Falcon Enterprises Associates caters to clients seeking environmentally friendly living spaces. Recently, Christopher McNally participated in a panel session entitled “Greening Co-Ops: Speaking from Experience” at the Urban Green Expo 2010.


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